Fine feathers make fine birds – an ideal office

Attractive appearance and functionality of corporate premises determine not just positive perception of customers, but also have impact on employee productivity growth. How should an ideal office look like…?

The most important is what can be seen by the eyes

Customers should be able to almost intuitively move around company building. On their entering a company, logo with company name is a must, and inside of the company itself, they should find clearly marked points, indicating, where they should go to, in order to get their things done. In case of those firms, in which customer visits are a daily routine, it is meaningful to place at a visible spot, close to main entrance, an information plate, pointing the locations of all the most important places around the firm.

He that asks, does not get lost

A key place for company image building is also reception desk. It is here where customers make their first steps, once their cross company building entrance. Reception desk is company’s trademark – thus one should take care of its aesthetic qualities and the comfort of use. As a work stand, it should be functional; it should have a right number of open shelves and of closed cabinets, so that order may be kept, but also so that it could protect important documents from sight of unauthorized people. It should also be remembered that an employee spends by it several hours a day, and hence, its space should be ergonomic, and it should provide right comfort of use. This place should also be customer-friendly and comfortable. Right texture and colours of materials, harmonizing with the architecture and design of entire building shall certainly make a good impression. It is also a good idea to provide a few comfortable chairs and armchairs close by, and to ensure appropriate discretion. Singling out of space for reception desk, by using a glazed partition wall, shall keep down noise level thus easing conversations, with no detriment to the object’s visibility.

Clarity of mind

Daylight has a nurturing influence on the frame of mind of workers – it mobilizes for action and provides energy. Well-lit interiors also by customers are perceived to be more friendly. Even if building does not provide natural light exposition for all rooms, it is a good idea to think of solutions, which shall make maximal use of it. Instead of gypsum partition walls, let’s opt for walls having at least a part of them glazed. Such design shall seem more spacious, elegant and modern.

Let’s not forget about the exterior

Ordered space, some green accents, singled out parking spaces for vehicles and bicycles – it’s an absolute minimum, which we should take care of, if we have a plot of land in front of company building at our disposal. Customers shall notice and value the integral image of company, which emerges from the care for the detail, and the prestige of work at a place enjoying such image, not doubt shall serve to raise worker morale.

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