Dividing spaces in the seat of engineer’s office.

The realisation assumed to enable the division of the space in the seat of the engineer’s office. The customers, who value technical aspects, decided to choose the system of sliding walls providing provisional discreteness of the zones being separated.

Applied solution

It was decided to divide the space using the MAW 110 sliding wall system with 2-point suspension and the filling of laminated board. This system is characterised by high sound insulation which facilitates comfortable work. Such a solution is particularly popular in case of conference rooms and office spaces, where it is extremely important to guarantee silence in each of the spaces being separated.

Aesthetic values

A huge advantage of the architecture of the interior, in which the MAW 110 sliding wall system was installed, were big windows delivering sufficient amount of natural light. The application of light board enhanced the effect of bright interior and concurrently made it possible to achieve the effect of discreteness of separated rooms.