Uniwersytet Jana Kochanowskiego

Division of lecture hall.

The objective of the project was to divide one of the academic halls in two smaller lecture rooms. It was required to apply the system which would facilitate the space separation in an easy and fast way, maintaining high sound insulation parameters.

Applied solution

The project was realised with the application of the MAW 110 sliding wall system. With respect to the comfort of use and the function attributed to the interior, it was decided to choose solid panels with the filling of veneered board. To increase acoustic properties, which are extremely important in case of rooms like lecture halls, it was decided to install additional deadening panels on the solid walls.

Aesthetic values

White ceiling optically made the room bigger. The application of panels in natural colours and the texture of wood made the lecture hall look more elegant. Muted colours combined with acoustic properties of the interior created an aura conducive to learning.