MAW110E Automated mobile partition walls

System description

MAW110E is an innovative solution designed to facilitate the service of the sliding wall. Input voltage is applied to the starter strip and transmitted to the next panel modules with contactors placed in the lateral edges of the panels. Starting the expander beam mechanism occurs with the key or remote control.

Technical parameters, components and method of parking for MAW110E are exactly the same as in the basic sliding wall system MAW110. The difference is the type of mechanism used for expanding beams, which stabilize and seal wall panels in place.

This solution eliminates manual rotation of the handle, facilitating the process and shortening the time to fold or disassemble the wall. Automating the process of wall panels docking is an indispensable solution mainly in areas where the walls are often used and require temporary changes in the premises.

Installing the automated system does not affect the appearance and aesthetics of the wall because it is located inside the panel and the button is installed at its sides, according to customer requirements.

System construction

MAW110E system has an electric actuator placed near the edge of the wall panel, which also enables its use in glazed mobile walls MAW110G.

When putting a wall in place, contactors connect and transmit electrical voltage between the wall panels, allowing the wall panels to automatically seal.

KOMANDOR, global expert in interior design, producing original sliding systems for 25 years, thanks to its experience and production capacity, guarantees service of the highest quality.

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